Travel Insurance

Don’t leave home without it!

Did you know that a number of cruise lines/tour operators require you to show proof of travel insurance as a requirement to travel with them?

At Bicton Travel we too believe in protecting yourself from the unknown. When you book a holiday with us, we will offer you comprehensive travel insurance. Not only will it protect your deposit should you need to cancel your holiday, but it also covers you for an array of incidents whilst away, one of which is medical cover and repatriation. Should you fall sick whilst overseas or cruising Australian waters, your Medicare card won’t cut it, so be sure to protect yourself, a simple broken limb can result in thousands of dollars of medical expenses.

Many credit cards claim to offer Travel Insurance when you book and pay for your holiday using that card. Our experience has shown that often this cover isn’t sufficient and in some unfortunate instances, guests were stranded overseas with inadequate cover. If you are paying for your holiday by credit card simply to attain free travel insurance, we strongly advise you to ask your card issuer for a copy of the policy/PDS, ask for your policy number and emergency assistance telephone number in writing. Do not travel without hard copies of these three very important details.

Travel Insurance Tips:

  • Take out Insurance at the time of booking! It doesn’t cost you any more than if you were to take out your insurance the day before you depart on your holiday!
  • Are you a regular traveller/cruiser? If so, consider an Annual policy.
  • Do you intend to travel with expensive laptops/tablets, camera equipment or jewellery? Check your policy for the standard amounts covered, you may want to consider increasing your cover for individual items.
  • Will your journey include activities that some insurers consider high risk, e.g. Skiing, snowboarding, rock-climbing, horse riding, scuba diving or more? If so, ask your consultant for specific coverage.
  • If you have pre-existing medical conditions, you will need to speak to the insurance company directly who will personally contact you regarding your coverage. It’s a very quick and simple phone call, that will ensure you have the correct policy for your needs.
  • Leave copies of your policy and travel itinerary with a friend or relative. Scan and email yourself a copy, in case your baggage is mislaid or stolen

Making a claim:

  • Keep copies of receipts.
  • If belongings are lost, stolen or mislaid, a police report must be completed with local police where the items went missing. List all items and ask for a copy for your insurance claim.
  • If your require medical assistance, call the emergency assistance number listed on your policy, they may prefer you to visit a certain preferred medical centre/hospital or may organise a doctor to visit you. If you are admitted to a hospital, the assistance team will liase with the hospital directly.

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